Re: Pepco Supercharger on Crosley Hotshot

L.E. Hardee

I have a Fageol inboard boat setup with the pepco blower.  The ID tag on the side of the block states 45 cu in, 45 hp.  You should have something similar.  Will you please post more pictures showing more mounting details and the pulley belt drive arrangement.  Your set up looks very nice and tight.  I have always intended the Fageol engine and blower to be installed in my 1952 Super Sport.  The inboard set-up drives the blower from the flywheel pulley as probably yours did.

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 9:21 PM jeff <jeffalyon@...> wrote:
No dynometer.   I am just a backyard mechanic.   Just like to fiddle with cars.  Since I do not have a proper exhaust manifold (I have a stock Crosley exhaust), I would guess the horsepower at about 103 hp!  Just kidding.  Enjoy working on these cars. 


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