Re: PTO control lever

L.E. Hardee

I think all FOR's had the holes punched from the factory whether or not they were equipped with the pto or hydraulics.  My first FOR was as bare bones as you can get.  It was used as a tow vehicle for stocking trolley carts in a government GSA warehouse near Chicago.  They had two of them that were auctioned as surplus after they were retired.  I bought it from a guy from the East side of Chicago in 1971 who was the Cord reproduction dealer.  The 4/5 size fiberglass car that used a Corvair transaxle turned around in the front with steering added.  The FOR never saw the light of day during its working life.  It did not have a passenger seat, spare tire (but did have the bracket), any rear body, tail lights, or factory hitch.  Certainly did not have hydraulics or pto.  Yet the floor beside the driver seat was punched for all the levers and respective bolt holes.  If you really want fake levers, I believe I read in a posting maybe a year ago that someone had fabricated spares for sale when they made ones for their own use.

On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 3:09 PM Richard Schaffer <rnaschaffer@...> wrote:
Hi Gang.  My FoR has several holes in the bottom of the :tub" where I think a shift lever for a (long gone) PTO was mounted.  I am looking for the lever --I do not have a PTO.  I just  want whatever went on the top of the floor, between the seats.  Anybody have this part.   Thanks  R

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