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David Reina

Thanks Mike.  

Good write up and pictures.  Your email is going in my keep it folder.


On Aug 12, 2020, at 2:56 PM, Mike S <miso7@...> wrote:

This may be old news to some of you, but thought I would share.  The last time I got caught in the rain I could not get the drivers side wiper to work.  The control knob was very loosey goosey (it was always loose, but not this much).  I pulled the motor to find that someone had worked on the motor in the past and had the little stud all chewed up.  They were trying to use a screw on type pal nut to hold the control bellcrank on (original is a push on pall nut).  This allowed the bellcrank to become unhooked from the motor  switch.  

I used a cut off wheel on the dremel to cut off the old stud.  Then center punched and drilled for a #6-32 thread (#39 drill).  The thickness of the motor cover is 3/8" but not knowing what was inside, I drilled a little less than that.  I then cut the threads and cut off a 6-32 screw to create a stud.  A little loctite and a nut (I just left the double nuts in place from where I installed the stud, but a single nut & loctite would be just as good) and we are good to go.  Don't make the stud too long or it could make installation on the drivers side a little tricky (not much room between gauge cluster and opening for the motor). 

So, if your switch on your wiper motors are floppy, you might have the same issue.  There is a belleville washer under the bellcrank to provide some tension & keep it from rattling.  
Mike S <wiper stud 1.jpg><wiper stud 2.jpg><wiper stud 3.jpg>

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