Re: Where does oil pressure attach to block?


I'm sorry. I didn't explain that very well. Obviously your correct. However, the port at the front of the engine on the passenger side
that you describe as the canister filter feed port has been blocked with a plug from inside the crankcase. I cleaned out the port &
discovered that the threads where the line would attach seem to be stripped a bit. I surmise that rather than read thread this port,
they simply attached the filter feed line to a splitter & paired it with the oil pressure line. When I initially bought the car, I took off the 
rocker cover & as the engine was running, I could see good oil flow to the top of the engine. However, since the oil pressure gauge
didn't work, I wanted to attach my oil pressure test gauge to the engine to check the precise pressure. That's when I discovered this
work around. At this point, I guess my question would be: Since I seem to be getting good oil pressure, maybe I just let "sleeping
dogs lie" & get on to the non-functioning brake system? However, I still may try to feed this line away from the exhaust manifold. Any thoughts? 
Thanx, Skip D

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