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L.E. Hardee

I will just repeat to be sure I was clear, even if the line or hose is blocked all but a pin hole, you will get full pressure in a static state.  But it would take a long time of pressing the brake pedal for that pin hole opening to pass enough fluid to move the wheel cylinder enough to activate the brake shoes.  It would do it eventually but it could take minutes.  Check the volume of fluid passed.

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There is a hose at the rear also. The hoses get old and plug up the inside and restrict flow. A common problem on older cars.
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My calculations are nearly the same.
Many reference materials say that on drum brakes you need +500 PSI at the wheel cylinders. I'm not a good enough
mathematician to calculate the result of hydraulic fluid leaving the 1" master cylinder at +/- 125 PSI & passing thru a 3/16"
line. I guess I'll call me Princeton educated physics professor buddy & give him the problem.
Thanx for your help

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