sticky Re: Restoration tips for beginners

Ron D.

Her is a little advice from someone who started the "take apart" part of my car  2 years ago, and am still in that phase. I am cleaning up and painting parts as I go along. Take pics of everything that is not very very obvious. You will think that you will remember, but it's not always true. Take pics from multiple angles of most things, and you will thank yourself later. Pics will help you remember how wires, hoses and linkages were run.  As Jeffery said, ALL small parts go in zip lock bags and labeled with a sharpie. Put bolts back into removed brackets when you can. One thing I am doing is replacing all bolts, with new grade 5 or 8 bolts, nuts and washers, They have a better protective coating and will resist rust way more than grade 2 bolts will. They are cheap when bought in bulk from Tractor Supply. Nylon lock nuts are a nice addition in some places to replace lock washers.

Good luck.

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