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Dennis Terdy

Great request! I am not an expert in the least, but here are a few comments about rewiring:
I did not buy new harnesses, so the following is what I did to save several dollars and still have a fully functioning Crosley electrical system: 

1. In rewiring 2 Crosleys (1947 and 1952), I did not remove all wires at once and try to follow an impossible-to-read schematic from the manual. I also enlarged the schematic on 8.5 X 14" paper to be more functional.  
2. I bought appropriately guaged multi colored wiring and pulled each wire one-by-one to its location. Once the wire was installed I double-checked where it was in the schematic. The '47 was easy because there were no turn signals and very "primitive" electric e.g. single tail light with brake switch. The '52 was tricky because the aftermarket bright light and turn signal set up was not intuitive and needed to be experimented with a bit to work.
3. I made sure I had a good supply of new 6V bulbs with extras.
4. I bought a large wiring kit with push-ons, connectors, etc. 
4. I tried to save any existing electrical components, grommets, sockets, etc just in case I could not replace the originals. (This worked very well in each car's case especially with headlights and any front lighting on the '52)
4. In the end, I added boots around long running wires (e.g. to the rear) and zip strips as ties once I knew that set of wires was installed and functioning. 

I hope this will be useful to you. Good Luck.


On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 8:33 PM Gabriel Haddad <super51.g100@...> wrote:
Hello all, 
I know there is a lot of information out there for fixing and repairing Crosley parts.  There are even a few publications for restoration.  As I approach my first attempt at a full blown restoration of a car, I have to wonder what are the simple things people would have liked to know before they started their restoration? I mean some of the real simple things. 
As I was wrenching on a car this last weekend,  I complained to myself how greasy the underside was. Why didn't I take a power washer to it first!! 
What about tips for pulling the old wiring? Did you wish you knew something before stared tearing something apart or, before you began assembling something? 
Thanks to all of you and I hope you all have a great 4th of July. 
I hope to see you all next year.
Thanks,  gabriel. 

Dennis Terdy

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