Re: Transmission pops out of gear

Jim Bollman

Does it pop out when you are coasting on level ground or only when going down a hill? I have had and have several old cars, not just Crosleys and a tractor that pops out of gear if I try coasting down a hill letting the engine break me. I just got use to resting my hand on the shifter in those situations. One a 50 Ford truck had just had the transmission fully rebuilt, shifted great but you had to hold in gear engine breaking down a hill. Not saying this should be normal but not uncommon.

On Jul 3, 2020, at 9:31 PM, Mike P via <analogmike@...> wrote:

I will check alignment, don't want to remove the engine or trans so I don't think
I can get to the pilot bushing.

I found rebuild info for the shifter on garden tractor talk(!)

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