Re: Side one piece windows on a 1950 CD

Richard Williams

I put all new glass in my 51 panel. 0ne of the problems I have was the channel now is not as wide as the older channel. so I put glass lub on it but it is still hard to roll up and down. But no breakage. Look for the channel screws from the old channeling. Rich W.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I have new channels and the glass is the correct size. It seems they crack in the corner where the glass goes up boy 2 inches then changed direction. I use silicone glue to hold the glass in the channel.

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I have zero experience with the pne piece roll up window, but the design was short lived for a reason.  I have heard that it gave trouble from the beginning.  As to the use of plastic glass to solve the problem of breakage, it may help but you will have to contend with scratches on that plastic as it cranked up and down.  Have you tried lubricating the glass channel to ease the stress on the glass as it is cranked up and down?  There are several products in the marketplace for that purpose.

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Did you put in new run channels. That's the felt like channels the glass goes up and down in.. Putting new glass in old run channels is guaranteed to break glass..
As a young man I must have broken a dozen glass because I did not put in new channel. Also, if the channels are new or old, look up in that corner and see if a screw head is rubbing the glass. Screws are used to hold the channel in and a screw head will break glass in a New York minute. I never screw the channel in but glue it in.

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