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Ed Limke

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Sent: Monday, June 1, 2020 7:38 PM
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Actually I have one which I had rebuilt but it still will not turn the engine.  The engine has been rebuilt so it is stiff but certainly not locked up.  I am going to pull the starter off and try to figure out what is happening.  I thought I would take a very long shot and see if another Crofton starter is out there. 

Thanks for your help. 



On the Adapter plate look for a O stamped this has to be on the out side . The starter will not engage. ED





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Subject: Re: [Crosley-Gang] More Info On Canceled Meet


Hi Lloyd, are you completely missing one? As a rebuild one one would be the easiest option. If not I have attached a picture of the autolite part number that might help you source one. There is also a cast aluminum adapter plate that is needed, do not have mine readily available. Hope this helps


On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 8:01 AM Lloyd Lautzenhiser <not@...> wrote:

I disagree with Tim and believe we can all walk and chew gum at the same time.  This club is about far more than crankshafts and spark plugs.  We truly care about each other’s joys and sorrows.  It is my fervent hope that by our listening to Drs. Fuici and Birx rather than the “other side” that the sorrows can hopefully be lessened.  This is no time to invoke the ostrich model. 


On the “crankshafts and sparkplugs” side, does anyone know where I can find a Crofton starter?  As I understand it, the Crosley starter is not compatible.



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Subject: [Crosley-Gang] More Info On Canceled Meet


I thought it fair to the members to go over some of the reason the National have been canceled. In the end each director had their own reasons for their vote, but these are some of the facts that were presented during the meeting.


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