Cancelled National - Illinois Meet Hopeful - Worry about Speed Limit



You worry about 50 mph speed limit in Florida?  I’d worry about 35 mph.  If the speed limit in Florida is 50, people are driving 75 mph. 



We are holding onto hope for our Illinois Region Meet this year.


-Steve M.


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Don, the only time I get concerned is on highways and streets with a 50 +mph speed.  


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I may be in the minority but I'm happy that you made the decision to cancel and do a virtual show. Due to the date and location of the National meet Claudia and I have little chance of attending. With the threat of a virtual show this year, we went ahead and registered about a month ago. We figured if the National meet went virtual it would give us a chance to participate the same as everyone else. Our guess was correct and we are looking forward to sending you a photo of one of our Crosleys and getting a dash plaque, just like we were there. We will be sure to wear out T-shirts that weekend.


I know this had to be a tough decision, but I'm glad you erred on the side of caution. I hope things are back to "normal" in time for the Illinois Regional in September.


I am compelled to ask one tongue in cheek question. When did people who drive Crosley automobiles on public streets become concerned about their personal safety?


Don Pitchford



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Please read entire post.
Today our club president, Board members, my co-chair and myself held a zoom meeting to decide on the status of the national meet in Wauseon, Ohio. After an hour and a half of listening to everyone and their ideas and concerns, we have unanimously decided to cancel our national meet for 2020. However, Please support and be a participant in our on line show. PRE-REGISTRATION is continuing , please send your $5 along with your information and the car you would like to show to Janyne Smith. YOU MUST BE A NATIONAL CLUB MEMBER to submit your photo entry and you must PRE-REGISTER for the show to be able to vote and receive the 2020 dash plaque. The on line show will still take place the second week of July. If you have already pre-registered and sent money for camping, banquet, or vending, it will be refunded to you. Our web master, Jim Bollman is working on the best way for you to submit your photo entries on line, and we are working on the best way to handle voting. All pre-registration packets will be mailed to you AND all trophies will be mailed after the votes are counted. We will update everyone soon, as to how the on line submissions and voting will work. I know that Jim will do an excellent job listing the show winners on our club web site and our club editors will do an excellent job with these submissions in the Fall quarterly. Even through these troubled times "The Vision Continues" now and into the future as our younger members continue to show interest in working on and driving our beloved Crosleys.
Jeffrey Ackerman
Chairman of the meet


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