Re: National Meet Has Been Canceled for 2020

Terrance Robinson


I , too, lost a VERY dear black friend that I had known since we were both 18 in freshman college--he died the day after Easter and the virus was the cause. I feel like my left arm has been severed. I will no longer look at life the same way. They couldn't have a funeral so are having a memorial service at Adrian College chapel in Michigan on his 76th birthday July 18 and I have been asked to speak. I will be there.

I live in an Army Retirement community that has been in lockdown since 15 March--unpleasant-but successful as none of our 900 fragile members or 400 staff have gotten the virus. Follow the science--politics should be the LAST thing influencing our decisions.

The Kaiser Frazer annual meeting for July in Oregon was also cancelled. Since they are not nearly as young or daring as the Crosley club, I fear for their survival. I've been a life member for 60 years.

Thanks to the Board for their courage. I can only respect and admire them for this decision.

Rev Dr Terrance Robinson
Army Retirement Center
San Antonio, TX

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I agree and I apologize. 

Some background:
More than 100,000 people in the U.S. have now  tragically lost their lives to this virus – one of whom was a very good friend of mine of over 20 years.  He lost his life the very morning that Pat posted his twisted response.

I temporarily lost it.  It won’t happen again. 


Friends, please listen to medical science.





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I agree and will put on moderate, anyone that turns it into a political debate.


Many things were discussed before the vote and they all added up to the decision. But one, that we would have had a problem getting around, was the state of Ohio on May 29th extended to July 1st the ban on gathering larger than 50. If they would have extended it again, it would have been a cancellation days before the meet. We were already required to limit the meet to 200 people and eliminated many of the activities. It would not been the show everyone wanted.



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I think it's best to keep this group from becoming political by any measure. I certainly am on here to enjoy crosley content and I think it's best for the sake of all members to continue to promote non political content. Yes, there are going to be members who are upset but at the end of the day this decision was made to ensure that all members of the Crosley Gang and Club are safe and healthy. Less for any political reasons but more so that we can enjoy more national meets in the future. 


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