Re: rebuilding a six bolt water pump


James, I just recently did a 6 bolt water pump, I just used a piece
Of hardwood tapered at the end to a flat end I then just caught the edge, if you look there maybe a small indent that catches the cap, I started there giving it sharp raps out the way the cap needed to go, it took a little time to break it loose but it did come off ok. James if by chance you buy a rebuild kit from service motor the drawing they sent with mine was not correct so you may need to check on that.
Neal in Iowa

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From: James Hudson <jamespart7@...>
Date: 5/28/20 2:02 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [Crosley-Gang] rebuilding a six bolt water pump

Hello everyone,  I was wondering if there is a special way to remove the steel cap on a six bolt water pump without damaging the cap (or the body of the pump, for that matter). I've searched this forum and couldn't find a discussion that answered it. There's a really detailed (almost an hour) total video on youtube  but the cap was off already and the gentleman made a nice bronze replacement cap (I'm not that skilled). Any information, as always, will be greatly appreciated. Jim Hudson

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