Crosley Thermostats

Mike S

While I impatiently wait for the machine shop to finish my crankshaft, I thought I'd check out the thermostat.  Last summer the car was running much warmer (according to the gage) than I was comfortable with.  I pulled the side plates and there was no sludge at all.  When I pulled the T-stat, I find that only the shell is there.  Apparently the bellows had failed and the previous owner just pulled the guts out of it.  I can't believe having a gutted T-stat would cause the coolant to flow too fast thru a Crosley engine, but would like to hear if there is a good reason to have a "good" thermostat.  This car will never be driven in the winter, so controlled warm up isn't too important.

Back to the overheating issue, I guess when I get it back together I'll check the timing to see if that might be a contributor....the car always started and ran very easily so I can't be off by much.
Mike S

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