James Hudson

Hello Everyone, I took the Crosley ('52 S/W with Homelite 55) out for what I hoped would be a long jaunt today. I'm planning to drive to Wauseon-It's about 700 miles each way and will precede the big trip with a  lot of shake down cruises closer to home. I varied the speed from 20-50MPH, a couple of mild grade hills (Eastern Long Island NY is pretty flat) and drove through two villages, sometimes at a walking pace. The temperature gradually increased, and kept climbing even on the open road. When it was almost to the "H" on the gauge (It's a stock Crosley Instrument panel), I had travelled exactly 20 miles non-stop.  I pulled over and let it cool down for about 30 minutes. I checked the radiator and saw that I had lost about two cups of coolant from when I started out (I haven't rebuilt the water pump yet). I topped it up and drove about 5 miles home without any problem. Before I set out on my ride I noticed what appeared to be some rust flakes floating on the antifreeze on the top reservoir of the radiator. When I rebuild the water pump I'm going to flush the radiator, take off the side plates and flush the engine out as well. I've read the other posts on overheating and the tips that were posted. I was wondering if the stock Crosley radiator might be too small for the Homelite? Any ideas on things to do in addition to what I've got planned? As always, any advice is appreciated-Jim Hudson

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