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Spock Arnold

From the pictures on the site, it looks like a solid body that has had a fair amateur restoration.  No pictures of interior but I see hints of it that do not appear original.  Engine and running condition are unknown.  I'd say probably 2,500 with what you know.  If the interior is decent and it runs ok, you could double that for a driver. 

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Subject: ‘47 Sedan

Hello all,
Please bear with me as I continue to learn about Crosleys. One recently came up for auction about an hour away from me. Public inspection will not be available until next week but I need to run something past you before that happens. The auction house lists the VIN as CE79325. I thought that a CE was a military engine? Also states automatic transmission. Is that possible? The nose looks like it’s correct for the year from what I’ve gleaned from the club web site. No idea if it runs/ stops/ steers, etc. Pictures look like a solid body  but no interior or engine shots. It’s not a show car but appears complete and is up on air.
I know it’s a reach, but what is the price range for a running ‘47 sedan, assuming it is a driver or close to it. Please give me your high/low and I can figure out where it falls when I see it and get more details.

Thanks for your help!

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