Re: 1951 Farm O Road saved from extinction

Spock Arnold

Both of those items can be made.  Perhaps if you talk to a few people who have recently restored one you may be able to persuade one of them to make you what you need.  And if you find someone to make the taillight panel, get 2 .  I'm going to need one for a future restoration.

On May 7, 2020 8:45 PM, jeff <jeffalyon@...> wrote:
Thanks everyone for your help in saving FOR 254 from the scrapper.  Found it in San Antonio a few years ago rusting outside.  Now runs great with 30 pounds oil pressure at idle ( per the original gage).  Still need to hook up the turn signal switch. 
I am also looking for two items; a rear taillight assembly, and a spare tire mount.  New or used works for me. The Crosley vendors do not have these items.  Thanks again, 
Jeff in West Sacramento 

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