Re: ‘52 Super Sedan


Welcome, Dave. You sound like a perfect Crosley owner - interested in oddball stuff. (grin) You’ll find that parts availability for Crosleys is excellent - almost on par with the T in mechanical parts. 

I’m a fellow cheesehead, located in La Crosse. Jim Bollman in the Wausau area is a big Crosley buff. Brian Dlapa and family down in Milwaukee have been working to start a Wisconsin region for a while. There are others around the state. At one point Brian was talking about a Crosley gathering in Marinette, WI in August... not sure what the plans are now.

Feel free to call or email me (608-799-4484 or park@...). We’re camping in Door County in June, if you want to visit at a socially safe distance. 


Park Hunter
48 wagon

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