‘52 Super Sedan

David Stubenvoll

Hello group, 
im a newbie to Crosleys but I’ve been a car guy for decades. Model T’s and A’s, MG’s, King Midgets, and Metropolitan’s (all plural) have been in my garage at one time or another. Our “fun car” season up here in the frozen tundra, just out side of Green Bay, is rather short compared to the southern states so I’ve been thinking that a closed car like a Crosley sedan would extend my season. 

I joined the club a while back and have been watching the classifieds. Last issue of the magazine has an ad with two cars, a station wagon and a Super Sedan, both ‘52’s. The wagon has been sold but not the sedan -yet. The son of the previous owner does not know much about the car other than it appears to be in really good shape, runs and drives. There is no history available nor information on the extent of the restoration. Does anyone out there know the car?

You can answer here or call me at 920-360-9546

Thank you, 

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