Re: Crosley Brake Switch Question


Take it to a parts or an electrical supply house, find a couple of female bullet connectors, the correct size, and male connectors that fit the harness, and make a couple of pigtail adapters. If you don't mind modifying the harness, you can also cut the harness connectors off and just replace them.

If the difference isn't too large, just crimp the harness connector down, onto the switch terminals.


On 4/28/2020 9:00 PM, jeff wrote:
I received a new brake light switch from one of the Crosley vendors.  It has two male prongs.   But the prongs are a smaller diameter than the standard wiring harness bullet connectors.  So a wiring connector will not connect the wiring harness to the brake light switch due to the connector fitting too loose on the smaller diameter brake switch prongs.
Any ideas how to make this work?
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