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Brett Wright

I am pretty sure I have my problem fixed with careful routing of the fuel line and removal of an in line non functioning but restrictive electric fuel pump. My take on the the location of the fuel pump directly above the exhaust manifold is that it only takes a minor issue to doom the fuel fuel delivery. I also took a great suggestion and wrapped the exhaust manifold and the first 18 inches of the exhaust pipe with “tungsten wrap”. That should lower the Underwood Temps.

Brett Wright
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On Apr 23, 2020, at 3:33 PM, Dennis Terdy via <dennis.terdy@...> wrote:

RE: Vapor Lock
An older thread ... but I wanted to relay to you what happened to my 47 coupe recently regarding vapor lock - percolating gas. I had a similar problem...never happened before on this car. 

I found that my inline metal gas filter and a long fuel line to the carb inlet, slipped down very close to my exhaust manifold.  The gas was being "pre-cooked" and caused my vapor lock/percolating fuel. Pretty obvious, but the last thing in a string of recommendations. was a very simple...but correct fix.


On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 2:56 PM Robert Kirk via <> wrote:
It would be most unusual to vapor lock with fuel running through the lines.  Vapor lock would normally occur when you shut off the motor and allow heat build up beneath the hood.  That heat essentially boils the fuel turning it into vapor.  That would be very difficult with fuel flowing constantly. 

Dennis Terdy

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