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Robert Connearney

Jim -- Early (most) Midgets had the same transmission as Sprites. The Midget 1500 has a Spitfire transmission (and engine). I think these all (?) had an iron case. I'd guess they date back to the Herald, maybe even to its predecessor, the TR-10. I'd be surprised if any Club cared, or would even notice, that you're using a later transmission.

Do you have any idea how either of these boxes are converted to  Crosley torque tube, closed drive? What are you using for a rear in your "special"? Crosley? Sprite? I wonder if anyone has converted a Crosley rear to open drive. There were many applications for this differential (golf carts, lawn tractors), I'd guess there are standard pieces available for this conversion.

Would love to see some pictures of your car!

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From: Jim Murphy <lftrn97@...>
Date: 4/23/20 12:31 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [Crosley-Gang] 4-speed gearbox

Hi Robert, for an unfunushed 50s special project I am attempting to complete I have acquired two 4-speeds,an MG Midget 15 00 and an Austin Healey Sprite Rib Cage. I actually like the Midget tranny more but will  be using the Sprite because the Midget isn't age qualified for most vintage racing organizations. Also some  folks here advised me that the Sprite was an easier install. The Midget has a separate bellhousing and appears to be more compact.  I would gladly sell it to you to recoup part of my investment. 'Email me at lftrn97@... if you are interested. I can send pictures and discuss price and how to get it to you.

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