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Robert Connearney

Roberto --

Do you know what Siata, Nardi, Giaur, Stanguellini and Bandini used in their Crosley powered cars?

The problem is, if it's for a Crosley automobile, how to convert any transmission to closed driveshaft. I would guess that most, if not all, of the above little Italian cars had open drive shafts. As did most American "specials".

Dale mentioned the Topolino; I don't recall the specifics, but I was told there are a couple of versions, and the most common is not suitable, due to ratios or strength or something (?). They also have an integral bell housing, which seems to me awfully small compared to a Crosley, but I know they've been adapted somehow.

Also people have used the Midget/Sprite transmission, but again, I don't know if these can readily be converted to closed driveshaft. The Midget/Sprite open drive rear end can be used. It has a track of 42", as I recall, as opposed to Crosley's 40", same 4" bolt circle diameter, but would probably be about right for a Crosley Super Sport or Hot Shot. I have 1" wheel spacers on mine; looks funny without.  

One transmission I know can be converted to closed drive is the Volvo, because I have one, w/overdrive. I'm not sure which Volvo model it's from. I was told this is an easily done conversion, requiring very little machine work. The Volvo bell housing and an aluminum plate adapter connects the engine. The transmission is really an overkill for strength, and consequently weight.

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Some people put a fiat topolino trans behing them or a datsun transmission.

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Hello my name is Roberto Vespa I am Italian and I own two Crosley and I am looking for a complete 4-speed gearbox in working order to put on my engine. Can you indicate the brand and model mounted or someone who can sell it. thanks Roberto
sorry for my english

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