Re: vapor lock issue

Brett Wright

this is a reply to R Williams. The radiator is freshly recored with a modern more efficient core. The engine cooling passageway around the cylinders are very clean. All of the cardboard panels are in place. You mentioned one below the front of the hood. I have a metal panel there if that is what you mean? The routing of fuel line you described is what I have had for some time and had a number of people tell me to move it which I have done over the valve cover. Both routings vapor lock. The engine water temperature is always within normal ranges when the engine vapor locks. It vapor locks at the mechanical fuel pump and then the carburetor gets starved and I am done. The car does not vapor lock with air moving thru ate speed unless I UNDERTAKE A STEEP AND LONG ASCENT. IT WILL ALWAYS VAPOR LOCK IF I LET IT IDLE IN PLACE WITH THE HOOD DOWN FOR 15 MINUTES

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