Re: vapor lock issue

Brett Wright

Let me describe this because I doin"t have photos of everything along the evolution of what I have tried with fuel lines. The fuel line from the tank to the engine compartment is and has been just as it came from the factory. when I first started dealing with this vapor lock I installed an in line 6 volt electric fuel pump in the engine bay and piped it through the mechanical pump. I used it mostly for self rescue and did not run it full time for fear of flooding the crankcase with fuel. I do suspect if that was piped directly to the carb it would have solved the problem. The electric pump has since failed. I still have that loop for the electric pump in place but I should remove it now since the pump is shot. I have tried the fuel line routing run behind the tower shaft and I have tried the fuel line over the valve cover and there is no difference.The only remaining routing would be in front of the tower shaft assuming it will fit there. Right now the fuel comes in to the engine compartment passes thru a loop the a defunct inline electric fuel pump then over the valve cover and in to the top of mechanical pump. It does not ever come close to the exhaust header and it still vapor locks. I shot the temperatures of various surfaces under the hood last summer. The engine block was about 175 degrees the header was 400 as I recall. Arnold, supply me your email and I will send photos off-line

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