Re: vapor lock issue

Spock Arnold

I do it frequently with no problem.  Now could you please take a picture of how your fuel line is run under the hood?  Then please describe in detail the path the fuel line takes from the tank to the beginning of the picture.   I have had this problem in the past and fixed it by rerouting the fuel line. 

On Apr 12, 2020 10:10 PM, bwright@... wrote:
I removed the plate on one side of the block and there was a small amount of debris enough to cover the floor) but nothing alarming. The fuel line is now routed over the top of the valve cover. I think I have covered every possible suggestion. just for the heck of it can one of you guys start your car and let it idle for for 15 minutes or so with the hood down and see if it vapor locks. I really don't get what I am missing. I don't see or feel any leak in the exhaust manifold gasket either.

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