Re: 51 Pick-up no spark

Jim Bollman

Be careful with the new condenser, many of the new ones have thinner mounting tabs and the original screw that holds it will go in an extra thread and can hit the rotating advance weights in the the distributor. If you're lucky it only twists the distributor around, unlucky and it can break a tooth in the bottom end or bend the shaft.

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I cleaned the points, installed a new coil and still no spark.  I was going to change the condenser but the auto parts store did not have the correct type.  I will buy a condenser Monday and hopefully that's it.


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You say the points are good. Do they just look good or did you file them? After a fhey years some times the points get a coating on them, they look good but they don't work unless you file the coating off.

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My Crosley has been in storage for 3 years.  I tried starting it but have no spark.  I cleaned up the connections, points are good but still no spark.  I am thinking it may be the coil.  Any thoughts?  Once I get it running I will be putting it up for sale.  Thanks  Jamie

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