Re: What to do with my 1946 crosley?



That is the CASTING number, on the cast iron block, the engine number is stamped on the aluminum portion (the crankcase).


On 4/2/2020 7:50 PM, Raymond via wrote:
I took everybody's advice and joined the club. Today was spent cleaning out the whole car and removing the steering column and some bolts holding the body. I' going to order some manuals to assist me as was suggested. Hopefully, Monday I will start calling the suppliers to get some parts. Other than mechanical repairs on my cars and minor body work, I have never tried something like this before. I'm gonna give it a shot! 

My engine number is: R209900. Some other things I found were that the car seems to have been blue originally. Also, someone cut holes in the back and added 2 tail lights. I also found an extra dash in the car that seems to belong to a different model and an old radio that has vacuum tubes but doesn't look like the correct one fore the car. I have added pics for anyone interested.



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