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Great idea with the minor rebuilds for peace of mind keeps clearances in check!  This is my first Crosley engine I have had apart.  A little different than what I am used to but all of the principles the same!


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I keep a small bottle of white nail polish in my workshop (has a built-in brush).  Each time I assemble/reassemble an engine, I find TDC and mark it on the crank pully (after first removing the old mark).  I do a minor rebuild after each season of racing (main and rod bearings replaced), so barring some disaster, my engines get torn down at least once a year.  It has been a few years since I blew an engine, so I have managed to avoid disasters by learning what breaks in race-prepared engines—fingers crossed.




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I didn't have a mark on the crankshaft pulley like Dave showed in his picture.  So I got number one cylinder to TDC and timing mark on flywheel visible in the timing mark window on the bell housing.  I then lined up the camshaft gear two dots with the one dot on the camshaft drive gear for my valve timing.  For static ignition timing I positioned the distributor for the ignition points just about to open (points opening fires ignition coil) and rotor pointing towards #1 cylinder distributor cap tower.  So preliminary static timing will be at 0 degrees when engine starts.  From there I can set the timing with a timing light. 


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