Re: What to do with my 1946 crosley?

Jim Bollman

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Your sedan looks very savable, if you're not up to the task I'm sure you can finds someone that is and you could look for something less challenging. Any Crosley from the salt belt will be missing the floors and possibly the rockers, as several have said, those items can be bought or fabricated. 

The engine with the chain appears to be a military generator engine. Someone apparently added the chain, the mag is normally driven with a cogged belt that is available from Service Motors. Service & Yankee Crosley both have reprints of the Service Manual, you should order one if your planning on tearing into the engines. I think the other engine is a ThermoKing unit used on refrigeration trucks. The engine serial number is to the rear of the distributor on the side of the crankcase, that will let us roughly date the engine. Your car would have originally had a CoBra sheet metal block engine, but most of these were updated to cast iron blocks when they became available in 1949. The CoBra block tended to corrode/rust and leak if they were not carefully taken care of. Your installed engine has a cast iron block but may be on an early or original crankcase.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions as you think of them.


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I recently bought a 1946 crosley (cc46-2350) that 's in rough shape. It came with an engine in the car and 2 extra engines that are slightly different. One appears to be part of a generator and the other I'm not sure about but it has a hand crank and chain. My intent was to have some fun with the engines but I am wondering if the car can be restored. It has rust holes through the floor and the rocker panels are completely destroyed. 

Does anyone make replacement rocker panels for these cars? Is there a list of parts suppliers? It's missing a multitude of parts and all the wiring is destroyed. Any info you guys can give me about this car will help me decide if I should try restoring it. Also, How do I know if the engine in the car is the original? 

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