Re: What to do with my 1946 crosley?


Ray,   Go to the website and you will find all of our fine suppliers. I do know that Ted from Yankee Crosley Parts makes the new rocker panels. Here is his number.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 9:37 AM Raymond via <> wrote:

I recently bought a 1946 crosley (cc46-2350) that 's in rough shape. It came with an engine in the car and 2 extra engines that are slightly different. One appears to be part of a generator and the other I'm not sure about but it has a hand crank and chain. My intent was to have some fun with the engines but I am wondering if the car can be restored. It has rust holes through the floor and the rocker panels are completely destroyed. 

Does anyone make replacement rocker panels for these cars? Is there a list of parts suppliers? It's missing a multitude of parts and all the wiring is destroyed. Any info you guys can give me about this car will help me decide if I should try restoring it. Also, How do I know if the engine in the car is the original? 


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