Re: Crankshaft install

Richard Williams

here is a dot on the small gear. it must line with the crank for timing. Clean that gear really good. it is there hard to see. maybe with an eye loop. I had the same problem. It isn't that easy to line up but keep trying till they match.  Rich W.

On Monday, March 30, 2020, 01:30:27 PM PDT, Steve Perry <sperryfish@...> wrote:

I put the crankshaft in and followed the manual and installed the camshaft. When I rolled the engine over to get compression on cylinder 1 it never got compression. I watched and when the piston is coming up a valve is always open. I assume that I’ve used the wrong tooth on the crankshaft and the timing is off. Does someone have a photo showing a crank and the mark on the spline so I can see if the notch on my crank is the same?
 Thanks for any help..

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