Re: Identifying my Crosley - is this a valid serial number?

Spock Arnold

    The serial number plate is not original to the car.  It appears to be a remanufactured plate put on at a later date.  It would not have an original number to avoid duplication with another car.  What is on the title?  If the title matches that plate, I wouldn't be worried.  
       You may find a serial number on the frame but there is no guarantee. 

On Mar 29, 2020 6:51 PM, John Schneiderman <john-schneiderman@...> wrote:
I've got a 1947 Crosley Sedan with a Serial Number of:  C47205441.  Is this a valid number?
I thought the serial number should be  CC47-20544  for my car but the serial number plate shows C47205441.
Is it possible that the engine is not original to the car or does the number indicate a different use (because it is a single C and not a CC, and the extra digit at the end of the serial number) such as a generator engine, or motor boat, etc. The serial number plate is lighter, brighter color than the car's engine compartment color and attached with small sheet metal screws. If the serial number is not original, is there anywhere else on the car that would help to identify its original serial number.

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