Re: Brake Spring mystery


Paula,  You can certainly find a similar spring at a hardware store. That brake light switch is one of the toughest parts to see and get at. The grounding issue is typically going to be at the housing as it attaches to the body. Pull the tail light housing off and be sure you have clean bare metal on the body and the housing. Many times a restoration gets done beatifully and then all the parts get put back together and the grounding points get forgotten. Or the restoration gets old and corrosion starts at the grounding points. 

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020, 11:19 PM Randy C <nsuteam71@...> wrote:
   The genuine Crosley optional right side tail light had only a single
filament bulb so no stop light in it. At least that is the way it was on
the 1948 station wagon and 1947 sedan I owned back in the 1960's.


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