Bruce Derenski

Crosley Fans,

I work for a contractor that is interested in innovative ways of making an engine block, specifically methods that don't require casting. I immediately thought of the COBRA. Are there any specific members on here who are knowledgeable about exactly HOW Crosley manufactured that engine? Any books, articles or publications would be helpful, too. So would seeing one of these engines close-up. I live in Florida, so a local source is best, but I can travel. Also, some questions for anyone who has disassembled a COBRA: Does the COBRA block look any different than a CIBA? In other words, can you look at a COBRA block and see how it was made? I'm trying to figure out if it's worthwhile to get my hands on an old COBRA block for the purpose of examining it, and perhaps even breaking it down into its original stamped components.

Thanks in advance. You folks are great.

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