Re: Brake Spring mystery

Spock Arnold

I think that one attaches to your brake light sensor . Either that or it is the pedal return spring and the other is for the sensor.  Sorry no CC s here just VC s, a FOR, and a Pre War.  

On Feb 14, 2020 6:36 PM, Paula W <paula_whitney@...> wrote:

There is a spring that I found resting on the frame under the car by the brake pedal area. Attached is a photo of the spring (broken) as well as a photo of page 36, figure 28 in the Crosley Manual which I believe has a clue.
My guess is that this spring is in fact what looks like a spring in figure 28 that hooks from where the brake pedal pull rod ("D") attaches to the arm of the brake pedal. The other end seems to go off somewhere non-specific.
Our mechanic was under our car today trying to figure out what the spring is supposed to do and where it hooked in, but could not locate two points of attachment.

Can anyone shed any light?  Does anyone have a picture of it correctly installed?

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