Re: Social Media and Crosley Info

Jim Bollman

The Crosley-Gang can be read in a browser also and many members forget that it is there, with lots of additional information in the Files and Photos section.


On Feb 4, 2020, at 3:37 PM, Bob H. <bob@...> wrote:

I know everyone has their own opinion about Facebook and other forms of social media and everyone has their preference. Personally, I tend to prefer the Facebook format to email. I've joined this group there as well as a number of other car related groups.

In terms of finding stuff later, Facebook's search capability is actually quite good at finding past posts/conversations, but by default it searches across Facebook. You can then filter the search results to include only the Crosley group (it's this additional step that makes it hard to use, I think).

As you come across things that you think you'll want to find again later, FB has a "Save Post" feature that's very useful. You can categorize your saved items (e.g., I have a "Crosley" collection) and easily get back to them later.

I totally agree that one of the most frustrating "features" of Facebook is its insistence on never showing you the same thing twice. So, once you see something and it gets away, it can be really difficult to find again. :-/


On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 1:33 PM Paula W <paula_whitney@...> wrote:
I'm finding that the Facebook group has lots of great photos and dialog. This discussion board does as well, but there seems to be a lot more activity on Facebook recently. (Am I wrong?)
Any advice for using Facebook as a reference? There is a lot of good info out there that I may not need now but may later...and it rolls off and away.

I think my biggest worry is asking a question that was already answered before....but not being able to tell.

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