Re: Social Media and Crosley Info

Jim Bollman

Not everyone likes FaceBook so there is a need for both. I find it easier to find things on the Crosley-Gang with simple searches. FaceBook is better for interactive discussions because of the way it is displayed but that is why it is hard to find things. We also don't mind repeat questions if you can't find what you need.

We also have a Chat room where we have scheduled chats twice a week at 10pm EST on Thursdays and Sundays. You can schedule additional chats by posting an invitation here and say when you want to meet and what you want to chat about. When you go into the chat room pick a name, I use my real name and login, no passwd needed.  Chat's are true interactive with the participants all logged in to interact.

Don't forget to check out the Files and Photos section of the Crosley-Gang for additional info and help.


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