Re: CD windshield install

Paula W

Has anyone had a new windshield installation the proved to not be water tight? Is there something I can do besides keeping it indoors and taking more care in rinsing the car? NOTE: we did not apply any sealant,  the GOJO he used as a lubricant and thought would work as a sealant as well clearly didn't. (See previous comments from me in this thread.)

There is also the Windshield installation thread on Facebook that Tim Hamblen started and I added a comment therein, but I wanted to bring this particular question over to the Crosley Gang site so that I was sure I could find it later. 

Brief Recap: We had our replacement windshield installed by a professional glass installer who works on classic cars. We tried unsuccessfully to do it ourselves. My previous comments in this thread outline his approach. He did not source the glass or cut it. Until it cracks again or we decide on a compete restore, we hope not to remove and replace.

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