Re: VC Windshield supports

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Thanks Chuck; Again the Crosley experts bail me out. I may not be
able to claim this car as mine, I got more information from the club
than I ever knew possible. Thanks again to all!!!!

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Your correct--the gasket looks like a piece of tar paper-about the
same thickness-Regular gasket material should work--most auto parts
stores carry it.-- In Crosley_Gang@y..., "tmkldwwj" <tmkldwwj@y...>
I've got a small question. I'm ready to put the windshield back
Norman but it seems that there should be some sort of gasket
the windshiels supports and the body. Does anyone know if there
should be? If so what sort of material and about how thick?
in advance. See ya at Wauseon!!!!!

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