Re: Electric CD Wagon Project


Jim, the EV package I purchased had been used to push a custom 2000lb car comfortably at 60mph. The DC motor is rated at 30hp continuous, 83hp peak when run at 120V on a 400amp controller. He was belt-driving a Harley rear axle with 26" tires. If I've done my math correctly, the Crosley on near-stock tires, stock rear axle and 3rd gear should give very close to the same overall reduction ratio he was running. The DC motor can run up to 6500rpm, but I'll probably rev-limit it to 5500. So top speed would be whatever a regular Crosley could achieve at that RPM.

As for range, It depends on how much battery I can comfortably pack into the car. I'm hoping that switching to lithium cells will greatly reduce weight while extending range. The guy I obtained the conversion package from was getting 80-100 mile range from a bank of 12 batteries. I plan to do considerably better.

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