Re: gaskets for BRAJE accessories


I recently sold my Hmod.  The car had done 54 race events without a failure of the rear cork seal.  All were done with a Braje sump without a gasket, except the first four events.  In the first four events I was running an engine prepared by Bob Graham, and it broke a valve—very spectacular cloud of smoke and steam.  I no longer use Crosley valves.


If I were to be concerned about the rear strip of cork breaking, I would substitute a thin strip of rubber (still with silicone sealer).


Since selling my Hmod, I have been racing a Saab powered ESR.  I just completed (mostly) a new Hmod which puts me back racing with Crosley power.  Other than a small strip of cork at the rear seal, the only cork gasket is under the cam cover.  Not to open another can of worms, but I don’t use gaskets under the side covers, either.




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I beg to differ. If you run it without a pan gasket the rear main cork will split in two when you tighten it and then a big oil leak. Nick told me how to install the pan gasket and what to use on the front and rear corks.


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