Homelite 55 conversion

James Hudson

Hello fellow club members. I'm a new member, having joined last February. I was able to purchase my '52 Station Wagon long distance from California (I'm in Eastern Long Island NY) with the kind assistance of Jeff Ackerman (who I presumptuously cold-called on the basis of being a fellow New Yorker) and Tim Foster in California. I was just looking for a Crosley station wagon because it was my late Father's favorite car and didn't know anything about the Big Block CIBA engines. Fortunately for me, the car I obtained came with an installed Homelite 55 and a spare rebuilt stock engine.  The previous owner, Mr. Mike Grimes, had converted the Homelite with the assistance of a friend. It was the subject of an article in the Tin Block Times which I don't have a copy of yet because my children missed my hints for a Christmas present. Mr. Grimes was very gracious in giving me copies of the photographs he took during the course of his work as well as detailed notes. The photos are in an Album on this site (Thank you Jim Bollman for setting it up!) and the notes are attached here as a pdf document. I'm posting these pictures not just to assist fellow Crosley owners. It is also to recognize the outstanding work of a man who demonstrates why we use the phrase "the machinist's art". I think you'll all agree that the laborious task of transforming the last incarnation of the Crosley engine from outboard to automobile use is an undertaking that when performed well (and in this case was accomplished in a sterling manner) is truly a work of art. Thank you Mr. Grimes. It's an honor to drive the car whose engine I call "The Grimes Special".  -Jim Hudson

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