Re: Speedometer cable into transmission


Andy,  If you do not see the square end of the cable sticking out of the barrel, and I do not see it in your photo, it must be gone. If the gear that the square end turns is gone, I doubt it is in the transmission as it would cause quite a noise and probably ruin the inner gears. My guess is that you need a new cable and gear end. I would check with Dave Edwards Crosley parts, or Yankee Crosley or Service Motors.

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I finally got around to removing the speedometer cable from the transmission. There was nothing on the end of the cable. Is it possible that the gear and inner cable are still in the transmission? I stuck my finger in the hole and couldn't feel anything there. I know it's possible that the gear and cable end wasn't even there when I bought the car. I just don't know what to do next. Any suggestions? Please.


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