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Jim Bollman

I have seen similar SN destruction at least one other time. The factory seem to be happy just stamping an R by the serial number so I don't think the factory did it during a rebuild. I believe L.E. Hardee may have the answer. If your car title uses the engine number to ID the car you would have to do something like this to keep the title legal. I use to have a Crosley title that used the engine number and had the matching crankcase. I kept them separate from the rest of the stash for years but eventually they went in different directions. I didn't think anyone would build an engine to use the title but I thought the crankcase may be enough proof to get a new title issued to a cars serial number.

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If it was a return or exchange I assume this was standard practice.  I just had never seen in but I've only had about  6 or 7 blocks over time.

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