Club & Chat Web SIte Updates

Jim Bollman

The Crosley Automobile Club main web site has moved to a new hosting server and the domain is being retired in favor of a sub domain of the Crosley clubs main site.

The main site move should be transparent to everyone once the new site has settled into place, which should be now for most everyone. You can tell if your on the new server by looking at the What's New date at the bottom of the yellow section, it should say 12/28/19 or newer date. If you see an earlier date you may need to refresh your browser or just wait a few more days.

The Crosley-Gang site can be reached with 
The message board has not moved and will continue to work the way you have been using it.

Retiring the Crosley-Gang domain also moves the Chat Room, for those that have saved links, the new location is 

The old chat room may still be up for a few more days but if you use it you will be in a different chat than those that use the new link.

For those that don't know, a small group of us meet for a live discussion in the chat room every Sunday and Thursday night at 10pm EST. When you go to the link above it will ask for a name and password. Pick a name you want to be know for in the chat room, like your first name and leave the password blank. Always enjoy seeing new people in the chat room, if we run out of Crosley talk we talk about most everything, please try us out sometime.


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