Looking for information on a tin block (COBRA) I have.


I got this tin block several years ago from central PA and got it out the other day to see if I could get it running.  It runs!  Now the puzzle starts.  There is a hang tag attached to the engine that says "ICE BOAT" & "RUNS GOOD"  Then what looks like Fissette.  Then the price.  Is Fissette the gentleman's name that owned it???  Then the next part of the puzzle, The oil pan has a 1/2" black iron pipe running through it.  It enters and exits on the left(drs) side one towards the front and the other towards the back, brazed in.  It has two 90 degree elbows inside and a pipe to connect it all together.  It looks to be a cooling/heating device, running water through it???  It also has a plate(1.5" x 1.5") brazed on between the two pipes on the outside of the pan.
Does anyone have any incite on it?  Recognize the name Fissette?  Maybe it will come to Wauseon next year?  Who has the Vision???

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