Re: Early Tin Motor?

Jim Bollman

Are you sure it doesn't have CE6 above the 554?

As far as I know the serial numbers were contiguous for the production CoBra engines starting at CE6-100. They switched to CE7- at 5587 and dropped the CE7 for a straight number at 22000. 

The military engines, before car production use a different number set and as far as I know started with CE2 then switched to CE3 and CE4 etc. Not sure if they started over on the numbers each year because I haven't seen enough WW2 CoBra engines to form an opinion.

There were enough variations of the engine and crankcase it may be for a different application, I  know ThermoKing and some other companies that bought the Crosley engine used their own serial numbers.

Anyone else got any ideas for Mike?

On Dec 1, 2019, at 3:58 PM, Mike S <miso7@...> wrote:

I purchased a rolling chassis from a guy who got it from a member who took the body & split it down the middle to make it wider (to fit onto an S10 truck chassis).  It's a cobra motor.  The only number on the crankcase is "554".  Does this mean it was a really early car?

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