Re: Identifying blocks

Jim Bollman

Both are attempts to modify a stock block to get better gas flow for more power. Broadwell is probably the best known modifier of the blocks for better gas flow. I have uploaded some PDF files of his directions on building engines and sports cars. Look especially at the 8portCrosley.pdf file and EvenmorespeedCrosley.pdf.


On Nov 14, 2019, at 7:19 AM, Pat Curran <racin@...> wrote:

im looking for help identifying two unique blocks and establishing correct values on each.  One block has dual port intakes attached to the drivers side, the other has tubes passing thru the block to the drivers side.  Any help greatly appreciated.   <40761E70-7C4C-4824-8615-5A6140177609.jpeg><8BAC10EF-81CD-4386-8819-88BBEB9D6668.jpeg><C1A7EE89-9F6C-4F15-9BFA-D5BC3E098C24.jpeg><DA67BCB0-8C40-446F-B14C-8B2005CBD794.jpeg><47C21342-C957-4B0D-BEA8-1F5AA5ADC027.jpeg><034E9B35-94C3-4AF2-B1FD-DB4392E8266F.jpeg><3ECB34EA-99DC-4643-AE49-E5A81E6C42AE.jpeg>

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