Re: Over Heating

Dennis Terdy

I don't comment often here, but I would check the side plates! They are not real easy to take off or reinstall, but my jackets were 3/4 full of hardened mineral, etc. deposits. It did make the difference and stopped my CC from overheating! It costs under $5 for the two gaskets.


On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 11:45 AM Andy Farley <farleya1@...> wrote:
I haven't removed the side plates yet for 2 reasons. The engine looks like it was recently rebuilt and I don't know how to reinstall the side plates and be sure that they have a good seal. The Air baffles didn't make much difference. It gets hot just idling. That's why I'm looking at timing next, but the distributor won't turn, so I need to get it broke loose.

Dennis Terdy

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